About Us


We are thrilled that everyone who uses our candles knows they are getting an exquisite product worthy of the most regal décor.

Before I created Lenore Cole, I collected candles and enjoyed burning them regularly. I even began making them as a hobby.

However, as I have become more environmentally conscious, I have discovered that most candles are toxic, including the ones in my own home. So I began to seek out a way to simultaneously feed your love for candles and my love for candle-making without creating more unnecessary pollutants. I found the answer in soy wax and essential oils.

I was concerned that the cost for creating such a product would be outrageous and that no one would want to buy them.

But then I decided that if it meant that you and your family could enjoy luxurious candles without worrying about what you’re breathing in that it would definitely be worth it.

Upon that decision, I set out to create the most luxurious candles for the all of the health conscious candle lovers out there.

It turns out, the road was more difficult than I imagined.

First of all, there is almost no information out there in regards to naturally scenting candles, especially not with essential oils. Second, finding high quality essential oils is not an easy (nor cheap) task.

I spent countless hours and sleepless nights researching products and experimenting with different formulas, trying to get them right for you.

And then, I worried that maybe no one was even interested in natural candles. What if people cared more about the pretty colors and artificial fragrances than anything else?

Through it all, though, we released our first products and the response has been nothing short of loving and supportive. Just because something is environmentally friendly does not mean it cannot also be luxurious.